Welcoming Our New Members



Your new member educator, Caitlin, will schedule a day full of bonding with your new member class. At this event you will partake in numerous games and activities and get to know your sisters better to help you form lifelong relationships. In addition, you will learn about the history of Sigma Delta Tau, our founders, our traditions, and much more. This retreat is the perfect time to laugh, dance, eat, and talk with the greatest women at Stevens. 

Big-Little Week

After you receive your bid, you will get to know the sisterhood through the New Member Process. During events and socials, you will meet your big sister who will keep her identity a secret until the reveal. Big/Little week is a week of pampering where every night you will receive a basket of treats, shirts, SDT apparel, and more. In each of your special baskets there will be hints to who your Big Sister’s identity is. On the last day, you will learn your Big Sister's identity and then be welcomed into your new family. 


Initiation is a very special ceremony that involves not only the new members, but the entire chapter and national members as well. These same rituals and traditions have been used to initiate every sister of Sigma Delta Tau since its founding in 1917, symbolizing she has completed all six pearls and one diamond of her new member program. During this ceremony, fully initiated sisters proudly place our initiation torch pin on the new members and welcome them into our Sigma Delta Tau family!

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